Our “Intelligent Talent Solutions” are individually designed to meet the high technology demands of an ever-changing world.
Every client solution is centred around our core values; Passion, Expertise, Integrity and Innovation.

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Shared Services Centre

Our entire business is cloud-based driving increased efficiency throughout our systems & processes. New services are rapidly deployed and ready for use in a matter of minutes versus the weeks or months it traditionally takes. Our business sees less operational issues, better use of resources, business agility and all at less capital expense. We operate in a truly agile environment.​​

Our cloud-based CRM technology platform (Salesforce) creates innovative, intelligent talent analytics that can be utilised across our offices or offered to all our partners. Our Associates can accurately report on respective talent pools, trends and provide empiric data on a wide-ranging variety of data types associated with our professionals.

With a unique ability to view the global technology market from a single, centralised location, our Shared Services Centre can recognise, analyse and report on a variety of talent trends taking place in the market. These include but are not limited to: Geographical or Technical Skill Migration, Targeted Compensation Trends, Market Intelligence, Skill Gap Analysis and Diversity & Inclusion opportunities.​​

Our Shared Services Centre incorporates a dedicated digital marketing team who support our talent associates in creating innovate, digital go-to-market strategies to engage our prospective talent pools. Our partners can engage our Centre to design bespoke marketing campaigns or microsites for enhanced international talent engagement.​

A centralized finance & accounting function based in South Africa provides a professional financial management team with more direct control over payroll, invoicing, reporting and compliance issues.

Centralizing makes it easier to streamline information systems and processes throughout our locations, whilst promoting the adoption of consistent policies and procedures, which, in turn, simplifies reporting and creates efficiencies in the internal audit function. We look to drive efficiencies in every aspect of our function.

Our Shared Services Centre has developed an integrated approach to customer care & compliance. The outcomes of this globally standardised operating model are already becoming clear: greater control, real-time visibility at the centre, a higher level of interaction with all our clients & associates and the added benefit of significantly lower service costs.

Our goal is to provide an unparalleled customer experience.​

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